Postpartum Massage


Postpartum Massage

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During labor, a woman often uses each muscle she has to position herself in ways that facilitate the descent and birth of her baby. In the days after birth, she may be feeling like she just ran a marathon without enough sleep while attempting to perfect the art of breastfeeding.

This is such a delicate time of bonding, healing and adjustment to a new self and a new family way.

Massage during the postpartum period is shown to:

  • Contribute to healing of strained skin, muscles & organs

  • Provide emotional and psychological support during a time of transition

  • Assist in realignment of the spine and pelvis

  • Relieve muscle pain associated with caring for a newborn

You might consider an in-home session:

  • If you had a long labor

  • If you had a c-section

  • If you have breastfeeding challenges

  • If getting out of the house feels daunting


Massage sessions in your home are offered once or twice weekly within a 10 mile radius of the Ballard area.


Office Sessions:                                             In-home Sessions:

60 minute: $85                                             60 minute: $100

75 minute: $100                                             75 minute: $115

90 minute: $115                                           90 minute: $130


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