Labor Preparation Massage


Labor Preparation Massage

from 85.00

Every woman desires a gentle birthing experience. Connecting mind, body and emotions can facilitate the process. Massage during this time is focused on a woman’s needy muscles and joints and additionally on education about body awareness, how to relax and strengthen the body’s structures that are vital to the birthing process and as a time to share fears and excitement about impending labor.

Massage for labor preparation is shown to:

  • Relax & open the muscles of the back, hips, pelvic floor and legs

  • Increase self-awareness and body intuition

  • Decrease fear surrounding the birth process

  • Promote understanding of proper breathing and helpful self-care techniques


Massage sessions in your home are offered once or twice weekly within a 10 mile radius of the Ballard area.


Office Sessions:                                             In-home Sessions:

60 minute: $85                                             60 minute: $100

75 minute: $100                                             75 minute: $115

90 minute: $115                                           90 minute: $130


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